The Prospero Directory Service

The Prospero System is a collection of protocols and embedded software providing distributed directory services, file access services, naming, maintenance of attribues, indexing, caching, and storage for network applications. The Prospero System was developed in the late 80's by Clifford Neuman at the University of Washington, with development moved in the early 1990's to the Information Sciences Institue of the University of Southern California.

The Prospero Directory Service is a name server based on the virtual system model. The Prospero system provides object-centered naming, i.e. naming without a global context within which names are resolved. Different users, and diffierent programs, specify names relative to different root directories and the context within which each name is resolved must be available when looking up names.

The Prospero Resource Manager (PRM) supports the allocation of processing resources in large distributed systems, enabling users to run sequential and parallel applications on processors connected by local or wide-area networks.

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